“Following one of many alcohol relapses and with a resistance to undergoing any form of counselling, thinking I could ‘go it alone’, I accepted a referral to the SWAN project, where Jo was assigned as my case counsellor. I’m now glad I attended SWAN and grateful that I had Jo as my counsellor.
Not only did Jo take the fear out of one-to-one counselling for me, she also took away my fear of recovery and sobriety. Jo equipped me with the tools to challenge my fundamentally negative and destructive thinking and to manage my recovery and sobriety. By the end of our time together I was less fretful, fearful and anxious about sobriety and relapse and had forgotten why I had been so resistant to counselling. Three-and-a-half years on from our first meeting I’m still sober.
I not only came to consider Jo as a trusted counsellor, but also as a trusted friend and confidant. I am indebted to her for the way she helped me. Jo would say that I had helped myself, however, the empowerment to do so stemmed directly from her and our counselling sessions together”.

NM – former client

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